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2004 Maryland General Assembly House Bill 841
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Department of Legislative Services

Maryland General Assembly

2004 Session


House Bill 841  (Delegates Conroy and Holmes)

Environmental Matters 


Glenn Dale Hospital Property - Sale, Lease, or Transfer

This bill reallocates the classification of the 210 acres known as the Glenn Dale Hospital Property located in Prince George’s County to be 105 acres that have been developed as a hospital campus and 105 acres of undeveloped property.  The bill permits the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) to sell or otherwise transfer the hospital campus grounds to a person who will use the property to develop single-family housing or a combination of a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) and single-family housing.  If M-NCPPC cannot find a qualified person to develop the property as required by law, M-NCPPC must retain the 105 acres until the Prince George’s County Council, sitting as the District Council, approves an alternative use.

Fiscal Summary

State Effect:  None.  The bill applies to local government operations only.

Local Effect:  M-NCPPC finances would not be materially affected.

Small Business Effect:  None.



Current Law:  If the District of Columbia sells all or part of the Glenn Dale Hospital Property, M-NCPPC must acquire approximately 210 acres (150 acres of undeveloped land and 60 acres that have been developed as a hospital campus on the property).  M-NCPPC may sell, lease, or otherwise transfer the 60 developed acres to a person who will use the property as a CCRC.  If M-NCPPC cannot find a qualified person to carry out

these provisions, M-NCPPC must retain possession of the 60 acres until the Maryland General Assembly approves an alternative use.


M-NCPPC was created in 1927 to assume jurisdiction over parks and planning in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties.  M-NCPPC is composed of 10 members, five from each county, serving four-year terms.  The five members from each county make up that jurisdiction’s planning board.  The commission acquires, maintains, develops, and operates park systems within the Maryland-Washington Metropolitan District.  It adopts and amends general plans for physical development of the district; makes zoning recommendations to county councils; and approves subdivisions, location and grades of streets, location of public buildings and utilities, and street names and house numbering. Administration and planning expenses are paid from an administrative tax levied within the district.


The Prince George’s County Council, sitting as the District Council, has specified zoning authority in Prince George’s County.  The District Council may adopt and amend zoning ordinances related to agricultural open space and has the power to regulate for the protection of historical, archeological, architectural, and cultural sites within the county.


Background:  Glenn Dale Hospital, located in Glenn Dale, Maryland, was established in 1937 for low-income Washington-area children suffering from tuberculosis.  The M-NCPPC already holds title to the hospital facility, which has not been used as a hospital for over 20 years, and over 200 acres of surrounding grounds.  The intent of current law is to ensure that the undeveloped portion of the property (currently classified as approximately 150 acres) is incorporated in the M-NCPPC park system and give M-NCPPC the authority to transfer the hospital campus portion of the land (currently classified as approximately 60 acres) to a qualified person who will use it as a CCRC.


A CCRC offers a full range of housing, residential, and health care services for seniors by maintaining a variety of medical and social services and facilities on campus.  A senior may enter into the community while healthy and then move to more intensive care on the same campus if it becomes necessary.


In 2002, Toll Brothers, Inc., a local housing developer, purchased the Glenn Dale Golf Club, a 125-acre golf course situated near the Glenn Dale Hospital Property.  The developer plans to build 230 single-family homes on the golf course.  Prince George’s County had considered purchasing the land, under a clause in the sales contract that permitted another purchaser to acquire the property if the purchaser maintained the property as a public golf course; however, the county missed the October 25, 2003 deadline.  Prince George’s County has also considered offering Toll Brothers approximately 105 acres of the Glenn Dale Hospital Property in trade for county acquisition of the golf course.  To do so, the amount of acreage classified as developed and undeveloped must be changed.

Additional Information


Prior Introductions:  None.


Cross File:  None.


Information Source(s):  Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Legislative Services


Fiscal Note History: ncs/ljm  

First Reader - February 18, 2004


Analysis by:  Susan D. John


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