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The Glenn Dale Hospital Mission

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The following are common misconceptions regarding the Hospital.  They do make the History of the Hospital a little more interesting when told, but they are in fact just stories.

1.  Tuberculosis Outbreak - During the late 1970's a massive Tuberculosis outbreak occured in the Hospital.  The Board of Directors and Doctor's saw no solution but to lock the doors of the Hospital leaving all of the infected patients and those with the Risk of Ilness inside to die.
2.  The Mad Rule The Grounds and The Woods , Part IAt some point in the early 1980's the patients overthrew the Hospital.  They murdered all the Doctors, Nurses and other Staff.  They then rampaged out of the Hospital and into the surrounding woods where they then terrorized the town of Bowie.  Some still remain hidden in the Hospital Buildings and woods.  *The Hospital is also a Criminally Insane Hospital in this rumor*
3.  The Mad Rule The Grounds and The Woods , Part II - The same story as Part I, except the funding for the Hospital was cut and then Hospital had to be shut down.  With no other Hospital for these patients to be transfered to, they we let loose into the streets, where they then roamed the woods, abandoned buildings, and terrorized Bowie.
4.  The Fire - The criminally insane patients overthrew the Hospital in the late 1970's and then set it to fire, before escaping the horrid conditions and abuse from the Staff of the Hospital.  *This one is very silly due to the fact that the Hospital did not suffer a disasterous fire*
5.  The Goatman - This is another local Bowie legend, that at some point mentions the Hospital.  It is said that the Goatman is the result of
A.  A horrid experiment while working at the nearby Department of Agriculture when testing Goat and Human DNA on himself
B.  A horrid experiment when working with Goat and Human DNA, trying to find a way to bring his recently deceased wife back from the grave.
C.  An evil half man, half goat Satyr looking breast who somehow found his way to bowie from a Hellmouth.
The Goatman roams the woods surrounding Glenn Dale Hosptial and Prince Georges County, sometimes living in the abandoned buildings.  It kills and mutilates wild animals, as well as cats, dogs, and the occasional human.
The Washington Post ran an article about the Goat Man on November 30, 1971.  Another article can be found at
This rumor has even been made into a Halloween Trail of Terror, in the Woods surrounding Glenn Dale Hospital where you see the victims and finally stumble upon the mad scientists lair, where you may be the next victim.  For more information on this, go to

All photographs taken by / content written by Rebecca S. Williams unless otherwise stated