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These are intact artifacts that I found when exploring the hospital.
Click on the images for a larger view


Item:  Patient ID Card for a Ms. Esterleen Waters

Text:  District of Columbia Department of Human Resources;  This card and your eligilibility pass must be shown to obtain treatment;  Waters Esterleen;  HU;  196890 012337 2

Found:  Inside Children's Hospital

Date:  Unknown, possibly 1968


Item:  Denture Container Lid

Text:  Dentures;  Name________________;  Room___________________

Found:  Inside Children's Hospital

Date:  Unknown


Item:  Bacteriology Lab Slip

Text:  Register or Unit No.;  Ward No;  Bed Patient, Ambulatory; Requested by and date;  Date and time collected;  Clinical data;  Patients last name-first name-middle name;  Examination Requested;  Specimen and source;  Antibacterial therapy;  Report;  514-1210;  Date of Report;  Signature (Specify Lab. if not part of requesting facility);  Name of Medical Facility;  Standard Form 514-K-Rev.  June 1959, Bureau of the Budget Circular A-32;  Bacteriology

Found:  Roof of Children's Hospital

Date:  June, 1959


Item:  FX Red Marking Cartridges

Text:  (Readable from photo)

Found:  Inside Four Apartment Building No 1

Date:  Unknown

**Note**  After the Hospital closed, the grounds were used as a training ground for Military Police.  There are still cartridges scattered about the apartment, and crates in the laundry house as well as markings from the paint balls.

All images shown to actual size

All photographs taken by / content written by Rebecca S. Williams unless otherwise stated